Top Milkshakes In Denver

October 30, 2013 6:00 AM


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Who doesn’t love that rich and creamy texture as you struggle to suck your favorite flavors through a straw that is always too small, so you resort to the spoon until it has melted a bit, then you can savor the ice cream, milk and other toppings as you relax back to your childhood. When it comes to milkshakes, there are several spots throughout Denver that offer some of the best. With creative flavors, perfect textures and all the extras, check out these great milkshakes in Denver.

Sassafras American Eatery
2637 W. 26th Ave.
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 433-0080

Sassafras American Eatery is like going to visit your Southern grandma and staying for a meal. It’s a bit Creole, a bit Cajun and all Southern. This historic location is absolutely cozy, with a warm at-home feel, a wrap-around porch and some lovely views. The milkshakes here, however, are out of this world. All milkshakes are hand-made with such amazing flavors as gingersnap, Twinkie, Grasshopper, PB&J, Twix and even chocolate-dipped bacon. This milkshake was even named one of the Top 10 Milkshakes in the country by USA Today.

HBurger Co
1555 Blake St., Suite 102
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 524-4345

The milkshakes at HBurger gained notoriety when Westword voted it the best milkshake in 2011. These shakes are chilled with liquid nitrogen, giving each hand-made treat a distinct creamy texture and a fun smoky appearance. The best one to try here is the Nutella Marshmallow milkshake made with roasted marshmallows and everyone’s favorite spread – Nutella. The burgers here are pretty fantastic too, so make a meal of it, you’ll be glad you did.

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D Bar Desserts
1475 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 861-4710

You won’t find any crazy flavors of shakes here. You get just two choices – vanilla or chocolate. However, it is the entire dessert package that makes it so fantastic. The Cake and Shake from D Bar Desserts is fancy, upscale dessert made approachable and fun. The cake is amazing, as everything at D Bar always is. It is a three-layer chocolate cake with Madagascar chocolate frosting. The shake is hand spun, light and creamy topped with some crispies, giving it just a little something extra.

Punch Bowl Social
65 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 765-2695

Punch Bowl Social is one of the more popular late-night spots for adults who are children at heart. With a lot of fun games and a huge cocktail list, this recreational bowling-meets-arcade-meets-bar is one of the hippest spots in town. If you are looking for a truly special treat, then check out one of the two offered Adult Milkshakes. The Ginger Snap flavor comes with gran gala orange liqueur and Joseph Catron Ginger Liqueur while the Maker’s Squeal has bacon infused with Maker’s Mark Bourbon and is served with candied bacon.

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Paris on the Platte
1553 Platte St.
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 455-2451

Another very popular nightspot, Paris on the Platte offers a huge variety of coffee shop and bar favorites. The milkshakes here are super thick and very old school, or you can try one of the coffee-infused flavors like the Broadway Wake-up with iced espresso or the Midnight Express with ground espresso beans. Or check out the “adult” options and enjoy a Car Bomb Shake with Jameson and Irish Cream, or a PBJ Shake with Leopold’s Tart Cherry Liqueur. Paris on the Platte is a tradition in Denver and these milkshakes just further prove why.

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