Top Local Authors In Denver

July 1, 2013 6:00 AM

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Are you looking for a new book or a new author to start following? Then try looking local. Colorado has a huge reputation for popular authors and local talent. With an emerging arts and culture scene, it is no surprise that so many great authors call Colorado home. From New York Times best-selling authors to new emerging talents, there are a lot of great books that you should be reading. Take a look at these great local authors.

Beth Groundwater

If you are a fan of mystery novels, then you should be sure to check out the great books by local author Beth Groundwater. She has two different mystery series, the Claire Hanover series and the RM Outdoor Adventure Series. The Claire Hanover is a fun look at a gift basket designer that gets caught up in mysterious events, and was  a finalist for the Best First Novel Agatha Award. The RM Outdoor Adventure Series is another great locally focused series, as the “RM” stands for Rocky Mountain. It’s a series of mysteries focusing on the the beautiful Rocky Mountains. An outdoor enthusiast in Colorado, Beth Groundwater is a great local author to be watching.

Stephen White

New York Times best-selling author Stephen White is originally from New York, however today he calls Colorado his home. A Ph.D. graduate from the University of Colorado, White received an extensive education in psychology and became an authority on different psychological effects that men experience during marital issues. He’s focused on both adult and child psychology, which has provided him with a great background for his main character, Alan Gregory, the series that White is known for. White still practices today, and his Alan Gregory novels are a popular combination of White’s psychology background and his brilliant writing.

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Diane Mott Davidson

Diane Mott Davidson is another well-known Colorado author writing brilliant and very popular mystery novels. With 16 novels so far, her collection of popular books continues to grow. Her books center around caterer Goldy Schulz and she even includes several recipes in each book, as all of them are titled with wordplay on food or drink in some way. She is a New York Times best-selling author and was awarded the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer of the Year award in 1993. If you enjoy a good mystery, and you enjoy good food, then be sure to pick up one of her books.

Phil Goodstein

Phil Goodstein is a local expert on Denver history and the lesser-known facts about the Mile High City. He offers a huge series of walking tours all over the city and you can always find his bold personality giving tours of some of the most interesting and iconic spots in town. He has also written several fascinating books all about Denver and some of the spooky happenings in town. From “The Ghosts of Denver: Capitol Hill” to “Spirit of South Broadway,” he provides an interesting look at all the rumored haunted spots and gives an historic look at what happened and why it is considered to be haunted. It’s not all haunts though, he also has written several other books about Denver including one that explains the street names and numbers and the logic behind them. His books are a must for anyone that lives in Denver, as he paints a truly vivid and unique picture.

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David Boop

Are you a science fiction or fantasy fan? Then Denver-based author David Boop is for you. His fun writing has appeared in several magazines, and he’s been a regular at the convention circuit, bringing his unique voice to sci-fi and fantasy fans all over the country. While Boop has been published in many different anthologies and collections, it is his debut novel ““She Murdered Me With Science” that you’ll want to pick up. He moves more into the mystery genre with this one, and it is the first in a new series of Noel Glass Mysteries about a Private Investigator that works to redeem himself from a deadly experiment gone wrong. It’s a bit mystery, a bit noir and a lot of fun.

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