Top Kettlebell Workouts In Denver

January 5, 2013 6:00 AM

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(credit: Thinkstock)

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One look at an Olympic gymnast’s body will have you agreeing — the Russians know fitness. The kettlebell workout technique from the Russian homeland has been growing in popularity here in the states, with several gyms and trainers incorporating the low-impact, high-result technique into workouts and classes alike. As many as 400 calories can be burned in a 20-minute kettlebell workout, equivalent to running a six-minute mile. Read on for the best places to get a kettlebell workout in Denver.

Forza Fitness and Performance Club
1849 Curtis St.
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 294-9494

Adjacent to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Denver, Forza Fitness members enjoy all-inclusive access to any of the courses, including the kettlebell class, so members are not paying more to try something new at this gym. Different instructors bring with them unique training techniques that challenge beginners to advanced fitness trainees. Jodi Peterson brings an up-tempo vibe to her courses. Group classes include six to 18 people while private training sessions also include kettlebell application in one-on-one sessions in this stunning downtown Denver gym.

(credit: Chad Chisholm)

(credit: Chad Chisholm)

Brian Bello
Personal Trainer
(970) 215-9611

If dedicated individual goals are more of a focus, the dynamic exercises can be incorporated into private exercise sessions by personal trainer Brian Bello specializing in kettlebell workouts. Training your stabilizer muscles, Bello works with a variety of clients from weight loss to rehab. Utilizing kettlebells in his own workouts, this trainer knows the benefits on the body and teaches his clients about the low-impact healthy lifestyle-accentuating training. From beginner gym-goers to advanced athletes, Bello’s friendly disposition and serious commitment to clients’ goals make for a perfect blend of individualized training for many age groups helping to decrease waist sizes and improve everyday life tasks.

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Colorado Kettlebell Club
4950 E. Asbury Ave., Unit 1
Denver, CO 80222
(303) 204-9693

Incorporating kettlebell training into larger workout regimens as well as having dedicated kettlebell classes, Colorado Kettlebell Club is serious about this specialized training. Nico Rithner pushes clients to reach their full potential with his classes and personal training using a technique-oriented approach. While any level of fitness enthusiast can benefit from kettlebell training, this club is targeted towards intermediate fitness devotees. Laid back in demeanor, yet serious in training, indoor and outdoor group courses make for a decided change of pace while working up a sweat. For a solely kettlebell-focused training session, try the Kettlebell Endurance course.

Matrix Fitness and Spa
925 Lincoln St.
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 863-7770

Ryan Moriarty of Matrix Fitness and Spa knows his way around a kettlebell. A fervent outdoorsman, Moriarty is found both inside and outside the gym working on fitness. Helping clients with weight loss and muscle correction from American work patterns, Moriarty utilizes kettlebell training in flexibility and to spice up workout routines. Want to know the best part of Matrix? You can head to the spa after a workout for a well-earned massage.

(credit: Chad Chisholm)

(credit: Chad Chisholm)

Matt Lowe
Personal Trainer
(720) 323-8362

Mr. Mile High Natural Colorado 2008 and 2009, Matt Lowe knows how to train like a pro and helps clients with personal goals. He aids in everything from preparing for bodybuilding shows to weight loss and physical fitness, with kettlebells accentuating his workouts. From monthly health seminars to small group or one-on-one training in an upscale gym, the motivated Lowe turns up the heat with circuit training. Sculpting the body you always wanted with Lowe is as easy as the first swing of the kettlebell.

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