DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mikaela At The Denver Center For Performing Arts

April 16, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr denver1 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mikaela At The Denver Center For Performing Arts

“The Mazda has some great pick up. They advertise that it goes zoom-zoom.”

The Ride
The Driver: Mikaela
Car in Question: Orange Mazda 3
Spotted at: The Denver Center for Performing Arts, 1101 13th Street, Denver, CO 80204
Odometer: 90,647
Car’s Nickname: Sunny


Q: Hi Mikaela! Welcome to CBS Defend Your Ride Denver. Let’s start with you. Where do you live? What’s the zip code?

A: I live in Lafayette, 80026.

Q: Lafayette to Denver is a hike. How often do you travel to downtown Denver?

A: Yeah, it’s a drive to come to Denver. I do go downtown often, most of my girlfriends live in downtown and D.T.C. I have a lot of clients downtown. There’s good food and good entertainment in downtown Denver.

What kind of car are you driving downtown today?

A: It’s a 2005 Mazda 3.

Q: What is your Mazda’s main use?

A: Commuting. This is my only car. She gets all sorts of use.

Q: She? You’ve given your car a gender?

A: She’s a she for sure. The color is called sunshine orange. I sometimes call her Sunny.

Q: What’s the farthest you’ve driven in Sunny?

A: I’ve driven her to Idaho and North Dakota. She got pulled to Boston. Didn’t actually drive her, but that was probably the biggest trip. I had a job in Boston that I moved out there for and lived there for a year. The economy crashed and we had to move. Then I lived in North Dakota for about a year, surprisingly. She hated that. It was wicked cold and she got plowed by the snow and hail.

Q: You’ve gone everywhere in Sunny!

A: She’s a great car. She gets good gas mileage. She’s reliable, so it’s easy to take her where ever. She’s sassy!

Q: What attracted you to the Mazda 3?

A: I like the size. I like the compact, the good gas mileage and actually the color too. The dealer had ordered too many in this orange, so they were basically giving them away. I got a great deal and it’s a fun color. I can always find it in a parking lot.

Q: Thinking toward the future, what do you think your next car could be?

A: I think I need to get something a little bigger, something that will drive better in the snow. This winter she’s gotten kind of abused. I’m eyeballing the Audi Crossover, something fun and still sporty. The Mazda has some great pick up. They advertise that it goes zoom-zoom, so I want something that will still go zoom-zoom.

Photos and interview by Heather Ruch

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