Top Denver Bands

January 16, 2011 11:08 AM

Jim Dalton from The Railbenders (2007 File photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Denver’s music scene is vibrant, alive and rich with homegrown talent giving birth to original work. If you’re looking for original music you’re not likely to hear on a TV reality show, check out some of the bands we’ve been listening to.
buck25 Top Denver Bands

(credit: Buck25)

With its focus on original rock and roll, Buck 25 points to Foreigner, Dream Theater, Daughtry and Led Zeppelin as influences in the band’s sound. With TV appearances, radio and featured spots on several music sites, the band’s melodic, positive high energy mix is developing a loyal following. They’ve recently been back in the studio working on more original new material.

danielle ate the sandwich Top Denver Bands

Danielle Ate The Sandwich (credit:

Danielle Ate The Sandwich
She began on You Tube with a ukulele and a voice. Danielle Anderson likes to think of her work as a treasure map. She writes in layers so that the second time you listen to it you pick up on something else and the third time you question what you thought the second. Her sound, once an Internet treasure, has been moving to the masses. Oh, and the name? She just thought it’d be fun.

flobots Top Denver Bands

(credit: Flobots)

Flobots’ Stephen Brackett credits Denver fans and a thriving Denver music scene for helping Flobots gain national recognition. They’re musicians with a social conscience. Denver’s The Flobots took their activism and formed a non-profit back in 2008 to use their music as a tool to create positive change and civic engagement among young people.

paper bird Top Denver Bands

Paper Bird (credit:

Paper Bird
With its mix of jazz, swing, Dixieland, hip-hop, Delta Blues and great vocals, Paper Bird is establishing itself and gaining attention. It’s a blend of a lot of different music styles that came together on the streets of Breckenridge. Profiled by CBS 4’s Critic at Large Greg Moody, he tells us that whatever your musical style or taste, Paper Bird skillfully weaves them into its unique sound. Their touring schedule is jammed with festivals, and their new album was released in July 2010.

74089115 Top Denver Bands

Jim Dalton from The Railbenders (2007 File photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

If you like your country pure, Denver’s own The Railbenders delivers. With a twang that evokes memories of a sound you rarely hear coming out of Nashville anymore, The Railbenders remind you of a small town honky tonk on a Saturday night.With a succession of “Best of” awards under its belt, The Railbenders are Denver’s “go-to” country band, and they are a big fan of Denver’s music scene.

– Scott Smith is a director at CBS4.