Top Comedians In Denver

November 15, 2011 2:16 PM


In recent years the Mile High City has gained a reputation as being fertile grounds for the development of rising star comedians. When they aren’t performing at the top clubs around the city, you can find them working at new material at local watering holes around town. Some have made appearances on the national late night talk show circuit. Others have starred in cable network specials. And for many, the best still is yet to come. So, who are the Denver’s best comics? At the risk of being heckled by my peers, here’s a Top 5.
josh blue Top Comedians In Denver


Josh Blue
He hit the local comedy scene wearing outfits that looked freshly pulled from a Goodwill bin. But Josh Blue won over audiences all around town with a routine centered around living with cerebral palsy. His “Palsy Punch” knocked out a nation when he won NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2006. Ever since, he’s been one of the most in-demand comedians in the country. Safe to say these days Josh Blue has a much better wardrobe.

mudflap Top Comedians In Denver


Steve “Mudflap” McGrew
His twangy voice is familiar to local listeners of morning drive-time radio. His face is well-known to viewers of Comedy Central and Country Music Television. Flap drives a Ford pickup with a truck bed full of a hilarious observations about everyday occurrences. Failed relationships. Walks through Walmarts. Airplane rides. He’s lived it, which qualifies you to laugh about it.

louis johnson Top Comedians In Denver


Louis Johnson
Owner of the gift that every comic craves — the ability to draw the long, hearty laughs from start to finish. Louis Johnson leaves no doubt as to how much he enjoys performing stand-up. Just listen to him laughing along with the audiences. No subject is off-limits for this one-time winner of Showtime Network’s “Funniest Person in America.” His satchel of side-aching funny material is filled with topics ranging from parenthood to politics.

phil palisoul Top Comedians In Denver


Phil Palisoul
He’s the guy you’d choose to cut in front of — even if he’s the last person standing in a really long line. Phil Palisoul is a real-life cartoon character whose dead-pan facial expressions and witty self-depricating style of comedy have earned him numerous national television appearances, including The Tonight Show and Comedy Central.

bryan kellen Top Comedians In Denver


Bryan Kellen
From the moment he greets audiences with a wave and high-pitched “Hi”, Bryan Kellen establishes that he’s, well, different. And hyper. And really funny. Everything about him — from the nose on his face to the rubbery body movements to the hilarious stories he tells — keeps audiences gasping for air in between hearty laughs.

– Sam Adams is a popular Denver comedian who performs in and outside of Colorado. Visit his website to check out where he’s playing next.

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