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Top Burgers In Denver

September 14, 2011 5:18 AM

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Griff's (credit: Young Kim)

Griff’s (credit: Young Kim)

dsc02713 Top Burgers In Denver

Griff's (credit: Young Kim)

Yeah, I know – burgers are burgers wherever you go (unless it’s Albuquerque and Bob’s Ranchero Supremo – that will take the wind outta your sails), but, here are those places in Denver where I’ve found either greatness or great satisfaction over the years.
dsc03709 Top Burgers In Denver

Grandpa's Burger Haven (credit: Young Kim)

Grandpa’s Burger Haven

23 S. Federal
Denver, CO 80219
(303) 936-4463

A greasy burger joint that lives on in the heart and heartburn of my memory due simply to its reputation. Big burgers that you’ve gotta have once at least in your life. Just to say you did. Just to let your cardiologist say – Yep, he did.

dsc02727 Top Burgers In Denver

Griff's (credit: Young Kim)


742 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 777-7290

Much like Grandpa’s but with spots to sit down indoors. Casual dining. Very casual. Once again, big greasy burgers and fries, the great American comfort food combo, for less money than you expect. According to online reviews, quality can vary widely depending on what you order, but I’ve never gotten less than I’ve expected here — a greasy chin and at least two spots on my shirt.

Red Robin

Various Denver Locations

A family friendly burger spot that really does go the extra step in creating a great burger. Many varieties available from a regular “Gourmet” cheeseburger to those loaded down with everything from guac to onion strings.

cherry cricket outside Top Burgers In Denver

Cherry Cricket (credit: Andy McDonnell)

Cherry Cricket

2641 E. Second Avenue
Denver, CO 80206-4702
(303) 322-7666

If you’re looking for reputation with your burger, this is the place to be — the Cherry Cricket has been making knockout burgers for years and they are magnificent. The reputation is very well deserved.

– Greg Moody is CBS4’s Critic At Large. His reports on CBS4 News at 4 and 6 p.m. are featured on the Entertainment section.

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  • Jiminlittleton

    The Sunset Grille on County Line & Holly on the south side, has the best burger for the price. With all menu items less than $10, David & Michelle serve up great food and drink at affordable prices in a warm welcoming atmosphere. On warm days the western-facing deck is full of the lunch and happy hour crowd. Patrons can watc h their favorite sporting event even out on the deck. Escape from the rush hour parking lot of E470 and get off at Quebec and head west to the Sunset Grille, you’ll be glad you went.

  • Laura

    Sounds like a paid review to me, Jim. Is that your real name??

  • wcw


  • Ally

    Jiggies in Idaho Springs has the best burger and they are only 30 mins. from Denver Just had one today as a matter of fact. They hand patty all their burgers and serve up hand-cut french fries too. It’s worth the drive!

  • Justin Sandoval

    what about Smashburger. Fairly new in Denver!!! Don’t discredit the new guys

  • Bill

    Smashburger and FatBurger are okay. 5 Guys is a lot better. Don’t forget My Brothers Bar!

    • Andres L

      My Brother’S for sure!

  • Andres Lopez

    H Burger
    Highland Tap n Burger
    LoHi Steakbar
    1515 Restaurant
    Vine St.
    Ale House

  • Cathryn


  • TedC

    What about smashburger? IMO, they serve up little more than over-priced grease and heartburn. A burger is all about the meat and how ell it’s cooked.

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