Ask A Denver Stylist: Getting The Most Of Your Summer Braids

July 8, 2014 6:00 AM

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Summer is a time for outdoor activity and fun with friends and family. Unfortunately, it’s also a time for heat, sweat and wind. But you can save your hair by wearing a braided style. Not only are these styles quick and easy, but they last all day and can be styled for any event. From a hike to a summer wedding, there is a braided style that meets your hair needs. Sara Hinchlliffe, Owner and Master Stylist at AURA Salon in Littleton, shares some of the benefits of braided styles and how you can pull them off.

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For more than 10 years, Sara Hinchliffe has styled  and colored hair. She founded AURA in 2012, and has succeeded in creating a high-end salon experience for every customer. Sara is also an expert colorist and color educator for the J Beverly Hills line. AURA offers a full range of salon and spa services, so if you’re ready for a new style, pop over to Littleton and enjoy your visit.

You Can’t Go Wrong With French

For cute summer styles, French braids, Dutch braids and fishtail braids are a no-fuss style that can easily be changed up for every day. Hinchliffe recommends checking out some online tutorials for inspiration. “There are lots of great tutorials online that can be used for inspiration. When braiding, use clean sections and take your time. Don’t hesitate to take it down and start over if the style isn’t coming together as expected.” She mentions that the key to getting a killer style is to practice. Try new styles on days when you don’t have to go anywhere. Then you won’t feel pressured.

Mess Up Your Style For A More Casual Look

Braids have the capacity to look stuffy, so if you are after a look that is more Bohemian or relaxed, try messing up your plait. “Try and pull the braid apart once it has been secured to add fullness and create a more effortless looking style,” states Hinchliffe. You can also pull pieces here and there to create a more windswept look. These casual braids are great for weekends or outdoor activities when you won’t be as concerned with the style looking perfect.

Add Sophistication For Formal Looks

One thing that makes braids such a popular style is that they are a great base for other hairdos. Hinchliffe offers advice on taking your braided style out on the town. “Any braid, gathered in a low, messy bun either off to the side or gathered at the nape of the neck, is a great way to elevate your braided style for a formal event.” Try incorporating a French braid around your hairline for formal events. This style is fun for a night out, and it’s a great way to show off nice jewelry.

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Make Sure Your Style Stays Put

As a stylist, Hinchliffe is aware that the right products can take your style from ordinary to extraordinary. To make sure your strands stay put, she recommends the following. “Layers in a haircut can be tamed into your braid by first smoothing your sections with a smoothing gloss or light hold hairspray. Our favorites are J Beverly Hills Hold Me Light or Clear Wax. Set your completed style with a firmer hairspray such as J Beverly Hills Hold Me Firm or Take Shape.”

Good Hair Starts In The Shower

Keeping your hair clean and healthy is the best way to rock a killer style. Scheduling regular trims will help keep split ends at bay, and treating your specific hair will help it look its best. Hinchliffe says, “The best styles always start in the shower with the right shampoo and conditioner. If you are using heat, be sure to protect your hair with a thermal aid such as (J Beverly Hills) Thermotec or the Platinum Revive oil. Prepping your hair with Beach Spray is a great way to create the tousled texture that is sought after for the trendy Bohemian braided styles.”

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