Ask A Denver Expert: Tips For Hosting A Baby Shower

August 2, 2013 6:00 AM

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Shower(Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Planning a party can be very stressful, not to mention all the stress that comes with planning someone else’s party. That is where an expert party planner can come in, helping you come up with brilliant ideas, organizing all the details and making sure you get to have fun as well.

Lauren Smith is just such an expert. She founded Hourglass Productions in 2011, after learning all about the importance of organization when planning her own wedding. She has a large and varied background that includes planning events for a major radio station in New York City, the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach and a lot more. Today, Lauren Smith uses her expert skills to help you plan all your events, from weddings to birthdays to everything in between, and she is happy to offer a few pieces of advice for those of you taking on the huge task of planning a baby shower.

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As Lauren notes, planning a baby shower can be one of the most fun parties to plan but can also be one of the most stressful. It all starts with a great theme, “Choose a fun theme that complements mom and baby. For example, maybe do not pick a pirate theme if she’s having a girl and the entire baby room is pink. A pretty princess theme might be more fitting.” Of course, as you are looking into decorations, Lauren also explains the importance of the right centerpiece, “Always have centerpieces. They bring an air of festivity to the party and are a fun conversation topic. Choosing a theme can help with deciding on centerpieces but a lovely little bundle of flowers is always a safe bet as well.” And when it comes to food, “Don’t serve food that you think you should serve at a baby shower, serve food that the pregnant woman wants. Ask her what she has been craving lately and try to find fun and creative ways to serve that.”

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When it comes to shower games, not everyone is into the games of “guess the baby food” or “pin the diaper on the baby.” As Lauren explains, “Know your mom-to-be and figure out if you think games are suitable for her shower. If not, make sure there are other activities for the guests.”

Then there is the challenge of organizing gifts at the shower. “People love to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over baby gifts, so even if the mother-to-be isn’t thrilled with the idea of being stared at while opening them, it’s an important and polite gesture.” Helping with clean up and organization can be key to helping mom through the challenge of the gifts. “Designate a co-host or helpful friend to be a ‘gift-giver’ and ‘trash-taker.’ They will make sure that gifts are being handed to the mom-to-be and will help discard of the excess wrapping and boxes so it doesn’t create clutter. Also select someone who will be in charge of documenting all of the presents that were given and by whom, along with a friend who will make sure to take photographs of the day.”

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So clearly, the theme here is to know the mom-to-be. Some of the best advice that Lauren offers is simply being mindful of the guest of honor. “Keep in mind that certain things are harder for a pregnant woman to do. Try to make sure that the party is held in a space that doesn’t require the mom-to-be to walk up multiple flights of stairs. She may never show up. Also, ensure good circulation throughout the room by providing fans or if the fete is outdoors, lots of shade and areas to cool down.” And though you may be running around checking on things and making sure everything is running smoothly, “Make sure to check in with your guest of honor throughout the party. Ask her how she is feeling and supply her with what she needs to help her feel as comfortable and happy as possible. It’s her special day!”

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