Grace Hickson and Andre (credit: CBS)

Imaging Scans Could Be Harmful To Children Later On In Life

A lot of parents turn to imaging procedures like CT scans or MRIs to make sure their children are healthy, but it turns out those very tests could be putting them in harm’s way later in life.


The FDA recommends manufacturers develop scanners that are safer for children (credit: CBS)

FDA Urges Production Of Scanners That Are Safer For Children

Children could be getting unnecessarily high levels of radiation when they undergo CT scans and X-Rays. The FDA urges manufacturers to develop new scanners with children in mind.


(credit: CBS)

Look Ma, No X-Rays!

A new study says you shouldn’t let anyone take a lot of pictures of your teeth — those X-rays may cause brain tumors. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida takes a bite out of the study and says the occasional X-ray shouldn’t cause harm.


(credit: CBS)

More Health-Care Funds Going To The Dogs

Monique McAlister’s English bulldog, Izabelle, was just 8 months old when veterinarians said she would need a hip replacement to resolve a genetic disorder called hip dysplasia.


A volunteer stands inside a "millimeter wave" scanner during a demonstration at the Transportation Security Administration's Systems Integration Facility at Ronald Reagan National Airport Dec. 30, 2009, in Arlington, Va. (credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

How Much Radiation Are We Getting At Airports?

Denver International Airport has what are called, millimeter wave technology machines. They use the same type of waves used by a cell phone. What’s the risk there? Well considering the amount of energy is thousands of times less than a cell phone transmission — we’ll let you judge.


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