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Colorado Health Officials Hope To Alleviate Ebola Fears

The state of Colorado is getting ready in case there is ever an Ebola case in the state. On Tuesday officials from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment spoke about what they’ve been doing to prepare for any cases that could make its way to Colorado.


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Ebola Virus Advances In Wildfire-Like Pattern, Researchers Say

Ebola outbreaks in western Africa spread similarly to how wildfire advances, Colorado experts have discovered.


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The MERS Outbreak: Is The Government Doing Enough?

The CDC and WHO claim they are hard at work tracking 100 people that may have come in contact with the deadly MERS virus.


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Advocacy Group Targets Trader Joe’s Over Meat Raised On Antibiotics

The stores aren’t even open yet in Colorado, yet an advocacy group is calling on Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics.


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Tanning Beds Once Again Under Fire In Colorado

There’s a new push to prevent teens from using tanning beds in Colorado. This time, however, one lawmaker wants to make it a lot tougher.


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Colorado Flu Season Has Doctors On Alert

Health officials warn that Colorado is in the throes of one of the worst flu seasons since 2009, but there is still plenty of vaccine available.


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Excuse Me, I’m Talking On My Cell Phone … And Sipping Coffee

The World Health Organization says cellphones may double your risk of a rare brain tumor. Actually, the said “may.” Most doctors say baloney. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr Dave Hnida has more on the controversial, and scary, statement.