Lawmakers Push For More DNA Samples From OffendersSome state lawmakers are pushing to get more samples from offenders in Colorado's DNA database. A bill proposed at the state Capitol would require samples even for some misdemeanors.
Denver Man Accused In Cold Case Rapes Commits SuicideA Denver District Court judge declared a mistrial in a serial rape case Thursday after the defendant apparently killed himself.
Man Accused In Cold Case Rapes Faces New ChargeLynn Kimbrough with the district attorney’s office said William Costello, 47, has been charged with second-degree kidnapping and two counts of sexual assault in connection with an assault that took place in July 2011.
Denver's DA Behind The Push For Expanding Criminal DNA SamplingIt's headed for a tough fight in the Legislature, but the man behind the plan to require anyone convicted of any crime in Colorado to provide a sample of DNA says it would be a great tool for fighting crime.
Suspected Serial Rapist Caught Driving Politician's CarCBS4 has learned a man accused of being a serial rapist has ties to at least one high-profile Colorado politician and may have volunteered for the Democratic Party.
Denver D.A. Praises 'Katie's Law' In Arrest Of Serial Rape SuspectHe got into a fight in a grocery store parking lot and now Denver police believe DNA evidence connects that man to three rapes -- one involving a 13-year-old girl.
Police Credit 'Katie's Law' For Alleged Serial Rapist ArrestA man accused of a series of rapes dating back to 2008 has been formally charged.