War Horse


2013’s Top Theater Productions In The Denver Area

With hundreds of shows to see from area theater companies, there are many amazing productions that have shaped the theatrical landscape of the city of Denver. Here are the top five theater productions of 2013.


"War Horse" (credit: CBS)

‘War Horse’ Actors Discuss The Appropriate Age To See The Show

It is based on a novel for young adults, but is the Tony Award winning play “War Horse” really for children?


"War Horse" (credit: CBS)

Moody: ‘War Horse’ Is An Amazing Bit Of Stage Magic

Somehow, three puppeteers — one visible — two inside a frame of cane and fabric and wood — make Joey the center piece of “War Horse” come alive on stage.


War Horse (credit: warhorseonbroadway.com)

Moody’s Wish: Bring ‘War Horse’ West

It’s usually the case that big Broadway musical productions tour, not plays. Plays usually wind up making their way through Middle America through regional and local theaters. But Moody says there should be an exception with War Horse.



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