United Launch Alliance

(credit: ulalaunch.com)

Gass Leaving United Launch Alliance

Michael Gass is leaving United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin that he helped form in 2006.


An image from the launch (credit: CBS)

Colorado Company Launches Top Secret Shuttle Into Space

A Colorado company successfully launched a top secret mini-space shuttle into orbit on Tuesday.


"Curiosity" (credit: NASA)

Several Colorado Companies Rejoice As ‘Curiosity’ Lands On Mars

There was great excitement at NASA and several Colorado companies Monday morning after off one of the most complicated space missions ever, and the one-ton Mars rover named “Curiosity” is already sending back its first pictures.


Curiosity (credit: CBS)

Next Mission To Mars Has Colorado Connection

Friday morning the latest Mars rover blasted off from Cape Canaveral. It’s mission is to try and determine once and for all if there is life on Mars.


Juno lifting off (credit: CBS)

Juno’s Journey To Jupiter Started In Colorado

It’s a journey to Jupiter that started in Colorado. The launch of the Juno spacecraft was picture perfect.


The Atlas V (credit: ULA)

New Agreement Good News For Colorado-Based Space Industry Jobs

Replacing the shuttle and its crew with a commercial vehicle took another step forward on Monday that could mean a great deal Colorado-based space industry jobs.


An image from the launch (credit: CBS)

Successful Launch Of Satellite From Colorado

It was a successful launch Saturday of a rocket carrying a high-tech satellite built by Lockheed Martin.



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