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Veterans Get Better Chance For Being Hired With New Law

Veterans returning from military service have a higher unemployment rate than average but that’s all about to change thanks to a new law.


The Colorado Deptartment of Labor & Employment (credit: CBS)

Colorado Unemployment Rate Holds At 6.1 Percent

Colorado’s unemployment remained at 6.1 percent in February as more people got jobs and even more joined the labor force.


The Colorado Deptartment of Labor & Employment (credit: CBS)

Colorado Unemployment Rate Down In January

Colorado’s unemployment rate dropped to 6.1 percent in January, continuing a downward trend from last year.


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Colorado Unemployment Rate Falls To 6.8 Percent

Colorado’s unemployment rate has declined to 6.8 percent, the lowest rate in nearly five years.


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Colorado Jobs Shrink, But Jobless Rate Falls Slightly

Colorado nonfarm payroll jobs declined by 4,300 from July to August, but the state’s unemployment rate fell slightly as more people dropped out of the labor force.


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Despite Losing Jobs, Colorado Unemployment Holding Steady

Colorado lost thousands of jobs last month, but the state’s unemployment rate is holding steady.


The Colorado Deptartment of Labor & Employment (credit: CBS)

Colorado Jobs Level Reaches Pre-Recession Peak

The governor’s economists say Colorado’s employment levels are back to where they were before the recession and tax receipts continue to exceed expectations.


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Colorado Unemployment Rate Continues To Drop

Colorado’s unemployment rate in April continued to fall, dropping to 6.9 percent from March’s 7.1 percent.


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Democrats Give Up Benefits For Locked-Out Workers

Colorado Democrats have backed off a bill to allow unemployment benefits workers locked-out by employers as a defensive maneuver during labor disputes.


An image from the Safeway lockout in 1996 (credit: CBS)

Bill Extends Unemployment Benefits To Locked Out Workers

Unions and businesses are going to battle at the state Capitol over a bill that would extend unemployment benefits to certain workers in labor disputes.