Ivory Ban Reversal Causes Concern For Increase In Trophy HuntingThe National Wildlife Property Repository near Denver has collected more than a million items made up from animals unlawfully traded and acquired by U.S. special agents and inspectors.
Bison Roundup Recalls Colorado's Wild West HistoryThe wild west returned to Colorado on Tuesday when wildlife officers conducted a bison roundup on the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. The roundup is to ensure the animals are healthy.
Rare Ferrets Find New Home At Rocky Mountain Arsenal Refuge30 ferrets were released as part of a program to reintroduce them in 12 states where they once thrived, from Montana to Texas.
Outfitter Headed To Prison For Illegal Wildcat HuntsA western Colorado outfitter who captured and maimed mountain lions and bobcats to make hunting easier for clients has been sentenced to more than two years in prison.
Gunnison Sage-Grouse Decision Delayed AgainA federal decision on protecting the Gunnison sage-grouse in Colorado and Utah has been postponed again.
Decision Delayed On Gunnison Grouse ProtectionsFederal wildlife managers have postponed by six weeks a decision on whether to protect the Gunnison sage grouse, a bird found only in southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah.
Feds: Protected Mouse Isn't Delaying Flood WorkFederal wildlife managers deny that a mouse protected by the Endangered Species Act is holding up flood recovery projects in Colorado after congressman Cory Gardner expressed concerns about possible delays.