The Japanese delegation at Garden Place Elementary (credit: CBS)

Japanese Group Thanks Denver School For Bake Sale

A delegation from one of the areas hardest hit by last year’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan is in Denver on a thank-you mission.



Denver Native Helps Out In Japan With Tsunami Relief

A Denver native is part of a group that is in Japan and helping people recover from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the country in March.


Richard Heene's balloon during its long flight across the skies of north-central Colorado. (credit: CBS)

Heene’s Balloon Sold At Auction To Aurora Man

The infamous weather balloon that floated over the Front Range in one of the state’s most unusual incidents is back in Colorado.


(credit: CBS)

Young Philanthropists Raise Money For Tsunami Victims

Some fifth graders in Denver have been doing their part to help the tsunami victims in Japan.


(credit: CBS)

Not Just Japanese Cars Affected By Japan Problems

Those in the market for a new car may have some problems getting the one they want. The disaster in Japan is showing just how heavily dependent the auto industry is on the country.


(credit: CBS)

American Families Try To Stay Safe In Japan

The Red Cross is keeping up its relief efforts in Japan right now and American families in Japan are trying and stay safe.


(credit: CBS)

Beware Of Tsunami Donation Scams

The first known scam related to Japan’s earthquake and tsunami relief effort is in an e-mail. The sender pretends to be from the British Red Cross and appears to be legitimate.


(credit: CBS)

U.S. Northern Command Team Sent To Japan

The U.S. Northern Command has sent a planning team with expertise in hazardous material and medical and logistical support to Japan to determine what assistance the United States can provide in the nuclear reactor crisis.


Disaster In Japan

Ways To Help Victims Of Disaster In Japan

Get information about the resources you can use to help following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan.


(credit: CBS)

Radiation Concerns Not Enough To Take Potassium Iodide

CBS4’s Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida takes a closer look at radiation fears from Japan and why Potassium Iodide may not provide the protection some people seek.