Trump Tells NBA Star Curry That White House Visit Is OffTrump tweeted Saturday that Curry is no longer invited to the White House because of what the president called hesitation by the two-time NBA MVP in deciding whether to make the traditional champions' trip to Washington.
GOP Presidential Hopes Having a Tough MayMay is just over half over, but it’s already been a bruising month for GOP Presidential aspirations. Two major names have dropped out, one major name has opted in and has already needed to issue an apology to a fellow Republican and a fourth might get a boost from a musical from the creators of South Park. Overall, May has not been a banner month so far.
The Death of a Movement?Not only did Donald Trump hijack the “birther” movement, but at least for a brief period, he hijacked Republican political momentum. The difficult news for the GOP is that as President Obama burst Trump’s bubble, he also exposed how shallow the Republican platform is right now.
Trump Polling Not A Good Sign For The GOPBut the circus act known as Donald Trump and his supposed interest in running for President, and more importantly, the support he received in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, is a sign that the GOP has much bigger problems if they wish to make Barack Obama a one term president.