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(credit: CBS)

Daylight Dilemma: Time Change Has Serious Side Effects

A petition drive is now underway to keep Colorado on Mountain Saving Time year round.


(credit: CBS)

If It’s Only An Hour, Why Do I Feel So Lousy? The True March Madness

It may not seem like much: a simple loss of one hour on the clock as we “spring ahead.” But for some people, the time change is pure misery. And as CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida reports, there can be some real health problems as we get thrown overnight into Daylight Savings Time.


Wanita Frias of Lakewood took this photo on Jan. 21, 2010, of the "morning sunrise in Arvada close to Red Rocks Community College looking east to downtown Denver."

Don’t Let The Time Change Kill You

Spring forward? How about springing back into bed for some extra shut-eye? Dr. Dave Hnida reports the first few days of the changing of the clocks don’t just make you feel miserable, but are risky to your health as well.