Lawmakers Work To Bring Back Presidential PrimariesAfter standing in long lines to have their voices heard in Colorado's presidential caucuses, there could be relief for frustrated voters. Lawmakers have started the process to bring the primary system back to the state.
Lawmakers To Introduce Plan To Bring Back Colorado's Presidential PrimaryLawmakers have come up with a plan to bring back Colorado's presidential primary and will outline a bill on Thursday at the state Capitol to fix voters' frustrations.
Colorado's 'Make My Day' Law Faces Prison ModificationA prison cell may be your home, but that doesn't mean you can use deadly force to defend it. That's according to a Colorado bill that won approval in the state House Thursday.
Lawmaker's Effort To Alter New Low-Flow Toilet Law Dies At CapitolEfforts to repeal part of a law that will allow only low-flow toilets to be sold in Colorado starting next year has failed.
State Representative Hopes To Alter New Low-Flow Toilets LawA state representative wants to repeal part of a new state law that prevents the sale of any plumbing fixture that's not water efficient starting next year.
Lawmakers Seek More Oversight Of Pot CaregiversColorado medical marijuana growers would face new restrictions, including how many plants they can cultivate for patients, under a proposal advanced Wednesday by a legislative panel.
Immigrant Licenses Advance In Colorado House PanelDriver's licenses for immigrants living in Colorado illegally advanced in a state House committee as the idea gains traction around the country.
Divisive Colorado Labor Measure AdvancesA labor question that threatens to fracture Colorado Democrats moved closer to a possible collision Monday, when a Democratic House committee voted to move ahead with a measure to expand labor rights for firefighters.
Immigration Reporting Repeal Approved In ColoradoA bill to repeal Colorado's illegal immigrant reporting requirement has passed the House without debate.