Final Round Of Denver Zoo's Lion Cub Naming Contest UnderwayThe Denver Zoo has launched the final round of its contest to name two newborn African lion cubs that are making the zoo their home after their birth on Sept. 10.
Animals Lovers Get To Name 2 Lion Cubs At Denver ZooTwo newborn African lion cubs are making the Denver Zoo their home after their birth on Sept. 10. Now, animals lovers will get the chance to name the brother and sister.
Oldest Living Hippo Marks His 58th 'Bertday' At Denver Zoo"Fifty-eight in hippo years is like a man being 110," zookeeper and pachyderm expert Dave Johnson said.
Bat Stuck To Zoo Visitor's Wheelchair May Have Been A Rabid Wild BatA bat with rabies was found at the Denver Zoo and now a zoo visitor told CBS4 he had a bat stuck to his wheelchair.
Rabies Found In Wild Bat At Denver ZooA wild bat that was not part of the Denver Zoo's collection, has tested positive for rabies.
Thieves Targeting Visitors To The Denver ZooThieves have recently been targeting visitors to the Denver Zoo by breaking into cars and grabbing what they can.
Nearly Week Of Frigid Temperatures For DenverThe jet stream hunkered to the south Wednesday, promising to bring nearly a week of temperatures that could dip to 20-below or worse in the northern midsection of the country.
Denver Zoo Showing Off New Asian Elephant The Denver Zoo is showing off its newest resident of the new Toyota Elephant Passage exhibit.
New Elephant Will Be Largest Animal At The Denver ZooAn elephant new to the Denver Zoo got to check out his new digs. Groucho just arrived from the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas.
Workers Accidentally Cut Gas Line At Denver ZooConstruction workers have accidentally severed a 3-inch natural gas line at the Denver Zoo, prompting zoo keepers to move some birds indoors.