Colorado Raises $11M Through Tax AmnestyThe Colorado Department of Revenue says taxpayers have coughed up more than $11 million in back tax payments as a result of a tax amnesty.
Colorado Tax Amnesty Brings In $800,000The Colorado Department of Revenue says the state's tax amnesty program has collected more than $800,000 since it began last month.
Colorado Lawmakers Tout Tax AmnestyColorado lawmakers are promoting a tax amnesty program they hope will bring in millions of dollars.
Colorado Tax Amnesty Signed Into LawA 45-day tax amnesty allowing people to catch up on overdue taxes while saving some fines and penalties has been signed by Colorado's governor.
Democrats Propose Colorado Tax Amnesty To Raise CashAfraid of getting audited? Some Colorado Democrats want to help ease your worries -- and raise cash for the state -- by offering a two-month tax amnesty.