Susan Shepherd

(credit: CBS)

Denver City Council Votes To Extend Red-Light Camera Program

Drivers can’t stand them, but because police say they improve safety at intersections and because they add significant revenue to city coffers, Denver residents may see more photo radar cameras throughout the city.


(credit: CBS)

Denver Earns Designation As ‘Walk Friendly Community’

Good news for all those who walk to get exercise or safe energy– Denver is getting kudos for being a “Walk Friendly Community” for its walkability and pedestrian safety.


(credit: CBS)

Proposed Marijuana Law Revised To Allow Backyard Smoking

Those who felt the proposed marijuana law in Denver went too far have gotten their way — in part. The draft ordinance has been revised so that people don’t have to worry about being cited for smoking pot in their backyards.


(credit: CBS)

New Denver Bike Lanes Not Only Safer, Good For Business

The effort really picked up speed 5 years ago and the city of Denver has just finished making its 100th mile of bike lanes.


Homeless people sleeping on the 16th Street Mall (credit: CBS)

Advocates Camp Outside Downtown Denver Partnership To Protest Camping Ban

Homeless advocates have been protesting Denver’s proposed ban on overnight camping. On Saturday protesters lined up along the 16th Street Mall and then camped out in front of Downtown Denver Partnership.


Denver Police Chief Robert White at the neighborhood meeting on Saturday (credit: CBS)

Chief White: Camping Ban Would Be Enforced On Case-By-Case Basis

A proposed camping ban to stop the homeless from sleeping on sidewalks in Denver is drawing heated debate from all sides of the issue.