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stoned driving

(credit: CBS)

Colorado Launches Campaign To Stop Stoned Driving

Colorado is launching a new “Drive High, Get A DUI” campaign to remind drivers that newly legal marijuana should be treated like alcohol and not used before driving.


CBS News reporter Barry Peterson on a ride-along with a Colorado State Trooper (credit: CBS)

Colorado Law Enforcement Gets Special Training To Spot Stoned Drivers

Spotting impaired drivers might not be new, but learning to identify stoned drivers is a work in progress for law enforcement in Colorado.


(credit: Sergei Supinsky/AFP/Getty Images)

Stoned-Driving Standard Fails Again In Colorado

A marijuana blood limit for drivers was rejected Monday for a fourth time in the Colorado Senate, where bipartisan skepticism on the pot analogy to blood-alcohol limits helped sink the measure even in a weaker form.


Driving under the influence of marijuana is a new focus of Colorado police and legislators. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

With Pot Legal, Police Focus On New Issue: Stoned Driving

It’s settled. Pot, at least certain amounts of it, will soon be legal under state laws in Washington and Colorado. Now, officials in both states are trying to figure out how to keep stoned drivers off the road.