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Sir Mario Owens, left, and engaged couple Vivian Wolfe and Javad Marshall-Fields (credit: CBS)

Motion To Unseal Files In Sir Mario Owens’ Death Penalty Case

Media organizations have asked a judge to unseal court files in a Colorado death penalty case.


Steven Zansberg (credit:

Colorado Open Government Alliance Gets New President

Attorney Steven Zansberg has been elected president of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition.


(credit: CBS)

Colorado Bill Would Bolster Reporter’s Shield Law

Journalists in Colorado may get legal help protecting their sources with legislation inspired by the case of a New York reporter who was pressured to divulge who gave her information about the 2012 theater shootings.


Austin Sigg (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff)

Sigg Was On Police Radar Before Slaying Arrest

The 18-year-old accused of kidnapping and killing Jessica Ridgeway kept some of the girl’s remains in a crawl space at a home he shared with his mother, a detective testified said Friday.


Austin Sigg (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff)

Judge’s Order Closing Sigg Hearing Is Overturned

The Colorado Supreme Court Thursday overturned a judge’s decision to close a key hearing for the teen suspect accused of killing Jessica Ridgeway.


(credit: CBS)

Doctor Suing Former Patient Over Online Criticism

A Centennial-based anesthesiologist, Dr. Michael Gesquiere, has filed a civil lawsuit against a former patient, Joanna Putman, claiming her online venting amounted to libel that damaged his reputation and his business.


Former Gov. Bill Ritter (credit: CBS)

Justices Hear On Ritter’s Phone Records

An attorney for The Denver Post says that if former Gov. Bill Ritter doesn’t have to release a list of business calls he made on his personal cellphone while in office, it will provide a recipe for public officials to conduct government business in secret.



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