Dentist Who Reused Needles Faces First Criminal CaseA dentist who reused needles and put thousands of patients at risk of contracting deadly diseases has been arrested in Nevada.
New Accusations Against Dentist Accused Of Re-Using NeedlesThere are new accusations against a dentist who has already been accused of reusing needles and putting thousands of patients at risk.
Dentist May Have Infected 3 Patients With Potentially Deadly DiseasesState health officials say three people may have been infected by a Colorado dentist accused of reusing syringes and needles to administer drugs to some of his patients over more than a decade, but it's impossible to say for sure.
Look For This Box In Every OfficeThe allegations of reused needles and syringes have thousands worried about disease exposure in the past ... and the rest of us about disease exposure in the future. It makes you wonder, "Just who can you trust"? Dr. Dave Hnida has one thing that may ease your mind the next time you're at the doctor or dentist. A little box that means someone is thinking about your safety.
Dr. Stein's Former Patients Worried About Health After Reused Needle AllegationsThe Colorado Department of Health and Environment has sent out 8,000 letters to the former patients of Dr. Stephen Stein asking them to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis B and C. The letters have raised concerns among his former patients.
Dentist In Reused Needle Case Also Investigated For Prescription FraudThe Denver Police Department has an ongoing criminal investigation of Dr. Stephen Stein for alleged prescription fraud.
State Health Officials Warn Dentist Reused Syringes, NeedlesThe state health department is warning patients of Dr. Stephen Stein they need to get tested for HIV and hepatitis after it says the dentist re-used syringes and needles from one patient to another.