Animals Show Results With Stem Cell Research At CSUThe team at the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine is leading the way in finding new benefits for stem cell treatments in animals.
Colorado Dogs Taking Part In Stem Cell StudyAs dogs age, 80 percent of them will develop arthritis. A new national study is looking at stem cells as a treatment.
Colorado Zoo Celebrates Breakthrough In Giraffe Medical CareThe Cheyenne Mountain Zoo says animal care teams have broken ground on two new forms of giraffe veterinary care.
Stem Cells Stored In Baby Teeth Could Help Unlock Cure For DiseasesFor years, parents have been paying to store their children's umbilical cord blood. Research has shown the stem cells have the potential to treat diseases later in life. But if you missed storing cord blood, there is another option.
Cable Billionaire Malone Donating $42.5M To CSUMedia magnate John Malone and his wife, Leslie, are giving $42.5 million to Colorado State University to develop stem cell and other treatments for animals and people, the biggest donation in the school's history, the university announced Monday.
Pigs Help Scientists Grow Back Lost Human Muscle In The Seriously InjuredA breakthrough in the lab has pigs helping people as scientists are able to grow back muscle for seriously injured patients using material from the animals.
Some People Banking Stem Cells For Future Use To Stay Healthy In an effort to live a long and healthy life, some adults are now taking out a different kind of insurance policy. They are banking their stem cells for future use.
Colorado Firm Trying To Match Marrow, Stem-Cell DonorsA Denver-based nonprofit organization is asking people at music festivals, rock concerts and other events to be tested as potential donors for bone-marrow or stem-cell transplants.