Coffee (credit: CBS)

Coffee Shops Trying Keep The Morning Fix Affordable

The price of a pound of raw coffee beans has almost doubled in 12 months. Transportation costs, demand and some disappointing harvests have all contributed.


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CBS4 Facebook Fans Vote On Favorite ‘Cheap’ Coffee

As coffee prices continue to rise, many who guzzle the hot beverage are looking for a cheap way to fuel up each morning. CBS4 asked their Facebook fans what coffee they found to be good and cheap.


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Broomfield Starbucks Barista Receives $1,100 Gift

A 22-year-old Starbucks employee known for his sunny attitude and smile received a token of appreciation from customers this week in the form of a $1,100 check to pay for much-needed prosthetic feet.


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Starbucks Decides To Join The Supersize Trend

At almost any fast food chain a supersize menu can be found. Now Starbucks is joining the trend.