Geomagnetic Storm Watch: Solar Storm Expected To Hit EarthIf you live in the northernmost parts of the United States, you might be in for a Northern Lights show Wednesday or Thursday.
NASA Video Shows Great View Of Solar FlareNASA has shared a spectacular view of a solar flare last month.
Aurora Borealis Will Make A Colorado AppearanceGet ready for what may be a rare light show over the skies of Colorado. Thursday night and Friday night the Aurora Borealis will be super charged and should be able to be seen here in the central Rockies.
Massive Solar Flare Hits The EarthThe massive solar flare continues to hit the Earth Thursday afternoon with no major problems with power grids, GPS or other technologies.
Biggest Solar Flare In 4 Years Headed Toward EarthAny time a blast from the sun will reach the earth. It's the result of the largest solar flare from the sun in 4 years.