Security Breach Puts Family Practice Patient Information At RiskSome patients in Longmont may have had their personal information compromised because of a data breach.
Colorado Revenue Department Sees Increase In FraudConcerns about fraud have led to what the Colorado Department of Revenue called a major undertaking to change the way it issues some tax refunds this year.
Medicare Calls Fishing for Personal InformationAlmost every senior carries a Medicare care and scammers are using that information to try to get personal information.
Medicare Card Holders Should Take Steps To Protect Social Security Numbers Social Security numbers appear on Medicare cards. Federal legislation proposed last year would have changed that, but it failed.
Threatening Phone Scams Picking Up SteamA rattled Denver family has been receiving threatening phone calls warning they owe money and better pay up, but it's all a scam, and more families are getting those types of phone calls.
Larimer County Sees Surge In Credit Card FraudSomeone is going on a spending spree with other people's credit card accounts in Larimer County. There are more than 300 victims in the town of Loveland alone.
7th Member Of Aurora City Council Falls Victim To ID TheftA seventh member of the Aurora City Council has fallen victim to identity theft.
Phone Scammers Threaten Victims With CourtPolice are warning of threatening phone calls and the people on the other end of the line are conning victims into giving them their personal information.
Beware Of Bogus E-Mails After Latest Data Security BreachIt's always good advice -- but it's advice that's even more appropriate now in the wake of the most recent security breach.
Hired Hackers Gain Access To Colo. State ComputersAn audit of Colorado's state computers shows they're at "high risk" of an online attack.