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Spring Snowstorm Hits Colorado

Snow has been falling all day Sunday and has caused a lot of closures along Interstate 70 throughout the day.


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New Snowplow Devices Didn’t Work Out In Boulder

Boulder had to quickly ditch a new device that was supposed to make snowplow blades last longer.


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Morning Work Commute Shaping Up To By Icy

The snow began tapering off Sunday evening but below zero temperatures overnight could mean an icy ride to work Monday morning.


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Smarter Snowplows Might Be On The Way

Snowplow operators say they can’t be everywhere at once, but they are getting some high-tech help this winter in three states using a new digital intelligence system built in Boulder.


A computer in a snowplow (credit: CBS)

CDOT Uses New Technology To Battle Icy Roads

The Colorado Department of Transportation is using new technology to fight icy roads.


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CDOT, DPS Plows Ready To Hit The Streets

Officials with the Colorado Department of Transportation on Tuesday said they plan to spread solid de-icer on roads in Denver and across the metro area as cold temperatures and snow move in.


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Boulder Dodges A Bullet, But Future Snows Could Bring Trouble

Friday’s snow did not bring as many problems as anticipated to flood-damaged roads in Boulder County, but officials admit they dodged a bullet.


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Denver Neighborhoods Get Some Help Digging Out

Seeing Denver city plows on smaller residential streets is a rare sight after a snowstorm, but the recipe was right for that to happen on Monday.


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Road Crews Work To Keep Snow At Bay For Evening & Morning Commute

Road crews with Denver Public Works were working non-stop to clear snow from the major roadways on Wednesday and overnight.


A snowplow lying in wait (credit: CBS)

Snowplow Businesses Hurting From The Lack Of Snow

Snowplow businesses are keeping a close eye on this weekend’s approaching storm. The plows haven’t seen much action yet this year.




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