(credit: CBS)

Spring Snowstorm Hits Colorado

Snow has been falling all day Sunday and has caused a lot of closures along Interstate 70 throughout the day.


(credit: CBS)

New Snowplow Devices Didn’t Work Out In Boulder

Boulder had to quickly ditch a new device that was supposed to make snowplow blades last longer.


(credit: CBS)

Morning Work Commute Shaping Up To By Icy

The snow began tapering off Sunday evening but below zero temperatures overnight could mean an icy ride to work Monday morning.


(credit: CBS)

Smarter Snowplows Might Be On The Way

Snowplow operators say they can’t be everywhere at once, but they are getting some high-tech help this winter in three states using a new digital intelligence system built in Boulder.


A computer in a snowplow (credit: CBS)

CDOT Uses New Technology To Battle Icy Roads

The Colorado Department of Transportation is using new technology to fight icy roads.


(credit: CBS)

CDOT, DPS Plows Ready To Hit The Streets

Officials with the Colorado Department of Transportation on Tuesday said they plan to spread solid de-icer on roads in Denver and across the metro area as cold temperatures and snow move in.


(credit: CBS)

Boulder Dodges A Bullet, But Future Snows Could Bring Trouble

Friday’s snow did not bring as many problems as anticipated to flood-damaged roads in Boulder County, but officials admit they dodged a bullet.


(credit: CBS)

Denver Neighborhoods Get Some Help Digging Out

Seeing Denver city plows on smaller residential streets is a rare sight after a snowstorm, but the recipe was right for that to happen on Monday.


Given the history of weather in Denver on Thanksgiving, residents can expect temperatures to run the gamut. Traffic, if there's foul weather, can be snarled. (credit: CBS)

Road Crews Work To Keep Snow At Bay For Evening & Morning Commute

Road crews with Denver Public Works were working non-stop to clear snow from the major roadways on Wednesday and overnight.


A snowplow lying in wait (credit: CBS)

Snowplow Businesses Hurting From The Lack Of Snow

Snowplow businesses are keeping a close eye on this weekend’s approaching storm. The plows haven’t seen much action yet this year.



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