Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Largely Gone From ColoradoSmoke from hundreds of wildfires burning across western Canada has largely dissipated over Colorado.
Canadian Wildfire Smoke Prompts Health Warning In ColoradoSmoke drifting south from wildfires burning in Canada has spread into Colorado, prompting a health warning for the eastern half of the state.
Smoke From Arizona Wildfire Drifts Into ColoradoSmoke from wildfires in New Mexico and Arizona is drifting into Colorado.
Smoke From Out-Of-State Wildfires Drifts Into DenverState health officials have issued an air quality advisory about the smoke from out-of-state wildfires that is creeping into Colorado.
Smoky Skies In Cheyenee From Massive Colorado FireSmoke from a massive wildfire in northern Colorado is blowing into southeast Wyoming and smudging the skies above Cheyenne.
Wildfire Smoke In Metro Area Prompts Numerous 911 CallsSmoke from the High Park Fire in Larimer County invaded much of the Denver metro area overnight and on Tuesday morning many Denverites woke to the smell of smoke.