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(credit: CBS)

Skimmers Discovered At Light Rail Ticket Machines

Skimmers that steal credit card information have been discovered on ticket machines at light rail stations.


(credit: CBS)

Identity Thieves Use Gift Cards To Avoid Being Traced

Identity thieves are getting credit card numbers and using them to buy gift cards which are much more difficult to trace.


(credit: CBS)

Protecting Your ID And Your Credit Cards

Every day crooks are inventing new ways to steal your identity and credit card information. Detectives across Colorado are learning new ways to stop them.


King Soopers gas pump in Bennett. (credit: CBS)

Credit Card Skimmers Target Victims Along I-70

Investigators are trying to figure out who is stealing credit card information from victims along Interstate 70. At least 140 people in Adams and Arapahoe Counties have been ripped off in recent weeks.