Clear Those Sidewalks Of Snow Or Face A Big FineAs Colorado digs out after this week's winter storm, the City of Denver is issuing a warning to clear those sidewalks.
How To Shovel Your Walk -- And Live To Tell About ItSure, you can wait until warm weather when the snow finally melts away, or you can be a good citizen and clear it off today. But how can you accomplish that task without a side trip to the ER? CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida has advice to survive snow shoveling.
It's Back To Shoveling For Boulder Residents, Or Face The FineBoulder is one of many cities with a shoveling ordinance, which means residents have 24 hours to clear sidewalks after a snow fall. The city lifted enforcement last weekend, but that's come to an end.
Boulder Residents Avoid Fines For Not Clearing Public SidewalksBoulder authorities are temporarily waiving fines for residents who failed to clear their public sidewalks this week.
Denver Encourages Citizens To Sign Up For 'Snow Buddy' ProgramIt might not be too long before residents in Denver are out shoveling snow off driveways and sidewalks again, and Denver city leaders are looking for a few good "snow buddies."
Inspectors Hit The Streets To Make Sure Walks Are ShoveledIt was a busy day for Denver city inspectors on Monday. First thing in the morning they hit the streets to make sure homeowners and businesses were following the law and keeping their sidewalks clear.
Xcel Energy Issues Warning About Gas Meters And SnowXcel Energy is warning customers not to bury their gas meter when shoveling.
Shovel Snow The Right WayToo many people grab their shovels and scoop up the snow as quickly as they can in an effort to clear their sidewalks and driveways of snow before it starts to stick.