Senate Judiciary Committee

Colorado State Capitol (credit: CBS)

Colorado Lawmakers Consider Corrections Pay Issues

The Senate Judiciary Committee is considering a bill to address concerns about paycheck fairness and accountability for corrections workers.


(credit: ThinkStock)

Gun Restrictions In Domestic Violence Cases Passes

Colorado Democrats advanced an expansion on restrictions on gun ownership for people convicted of domestic violence offense.


An image from the rally (credit: CBS)

Civil Union Opposers Rally At The Capitol

The push to pass a civil unions bill brought a protest to the state Capitol on Friday.


"Spice" is a synthetic, legal form of marijuana labeled "not for human consumption," but young people are smoking it to get high. (credit: CBS)

State Senate Tries Again On Synthetic Pot Ban

A permanent Colorado ban on synthetic marijuana sold as Spice or K2 is back before a Senate committee.


(credit: AP)

Colorado Lawmakers Roll Back Solitary Confinement Bill

Colorado lawmakers have backed away from sweeping new rules on solitary confinement in state prisons.


(credit: AP)

Colorado Senate Considers Travel Expense Limits

A proposal restricting how much state-chartered entities spend on travel is up for debate at the Capitol in response to a pricey golfing trip by a state-chartered insurer.




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