Senate Democrats Borrow $10 Million As Races TightenSenate Democrats' campaign operation on Friday said it borrowed $10 million for a last-minute boost to their fundraising, as officials see their majority increasingly in peril and Republicans gaining momentum.
Will Dems Push back at Hickenlooper’s First Shove?Governor Hickenlooper sent a warning to his Democratic colleagues this week, letting them know he'll veto a bill if it is passed as written. Will Legislative Dems heed the warning or call his bluff?
The Jobs Act Moment of TruthThe Democratically controlled U.S. Senate declined to pass the American Jobs Act on Tuesday, and thereby gave President Barack Obama the moment of truth that he predicted, but I’m unsure if he knew just how much truth would come from this moment.
A Matter of Time, Just Not This TimeThe State House Judiciary Committee very likely sealed the fate of the Civil Unions bill Thursday night, but what was going on behind the scenes. blogger Dominic Dezzutti shares his opinion in a new post.
Hickenlooper’s 1st Game of ChickenIt appears that the first game of chicken Gov. John Hickenlooper has gotten himself embroiled in is with his own political party, blogger Dominic Dezzutti writes.