Public School Budget Battle Coming Down To The WireA fight over funding for charter schools in Colorado could affect every student in the state's public school system.
Regardless Of Tuesday's Outcome, 2013 Is Only Round 1 For Education IssuesWhile Election Day 2013 may seem like the end of the fight over education funding and reforms, regardless of Tuesday's outcome, the battle will be far from over.
Confusion Reigns On Colorado School Tax QuestionAn income tax question to be decided by Colorado voters Tuesday sets up a watershed change for how public schools are funded and could be the largest voter-approved tax hike in state history.
The Subtle Campaign for a $950M Tax IncreaseCan a new kind of campaign strategy, based on subtlety and simplicity, convince Colorado voters to approve a nearly $1 billion tax increase?
Tax Argument May Come Down to PercentagesColorado voters will be asked to raise the state income tax to help pay for the School Finance Act this November. When it is broken down to percentages, will that change the game?
The Possible Decision behind the IndecisionWhen Governor John Hickenlooper told a reporter that he hasn't decided if he will back the School Finance Act measure this fall, perhaps he was hoping to be part of a bigger decision.
What To Look For As The 2013 Legislative Session EndsAs the 2013 state legislative session heads into a frantic finale this week, here are three issues to look for and how they may set up future battles this summer and fall.