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‘Mystery Shopper,’ ‘Microsoft Services’ Scams Resurface

In recent days 4 On Your Side Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks has heard from multiple viewers who are being targeted by two different scams.



Scammers Set Elaborate Ruse Using PayPal Emails

A Northglenn man thought he was selling his boat, but instead he was getting scammed and it was tough to tell because of the emails he was getting.


CBS4's Jennifer Brice talks with scam victim Taylor Poyfair (credit: CBS)

Scam Targets College Students Looking For Work

University of Colorado students are being targeted through their school email. A Cyprus-based company says it’s offering “business consultancy services” and needs regional representatives to help. But police are saying beware.


John Suthers (credit:

Attorney General Warns Against Wildfire Scammers

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is warning about scam artists preying on wildfire victims and on people trying to donate to relief funds.


Dale Mingilton, president of the Denver-Boulder BBB chapter (credit: CBS)

BBB Warns Of New Phishing Scam

The Better Business Bureau is warning companies to be on the lookout for a new malicious email that appears to be about a complaint filed against their business. It’s being sent under the guise of the BBB, and even uses their logo.


Crystal Frasier (credit: CBS)

Denver Woman Says Extortion Scam Had Her Frightened

A Denver-area woman did some research and found out that she had nearly been victimized by a scam that targets consumers who have purchased drugs over the Internet or by phone.


Dave Joly talks with Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks (credit: CBS)

FBI, CBI Collect Information About New Scam

Coloradans are among the hundreds or possibly thousands of people who have been contacted by scammers who are phishing for bank account information.


Scam victim Cindy Cox talks with CBS4's Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks (credit: CBS)

Wells Fargo Customers Describe How New Scam Works

A scam that targets customers of Wells Fargo has started to appear in Colorado.


The house fire last week on Union Boulevard (credit: CBS)

Arvada Fire Department Warns About Scam

The Arvada Fire Department wants people to beware of a scam. The warning comes after a woman received calls from someone claiming to be raising money for the firefighters hurt in a recent house fire.


(credit: CBS)

Buyer & Seller Beware When Using Craigslist

Craigslist has become the online answer to a garage sale, but selling stuff in cyber-space comes at a much greater risk.





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