Dr. Phil Puts Thornton Mother Accused Of Leaving Children To The TestThis past January a young mother from Thornton left her two children in the car and disappeared for 13 hours. Sarah Hatfield was found disoriented 13 miles away. he claimed amnesia.
Mom In Child Abuse Case Says Memory Lapse Happened BeforeA Thornton mother charged with child abuse for leaving her two kids alone in a car has pleaded not guilty.
Mother Allowed To Return Home After Leaving Children In CarA Thornton mother who left her children alone in a car for several hours has received permission to go home to her family.
Mother Tries To Convince Police She Left Kids Because Of Medical IssueA Thornton mother is trying to convince police that a medical condition is the reason she left her two young children alone for hours and that she is a good parent.
Husband Says Mom Who Left Children At Gas Station Blacked OutA mother is out of jail after allegedly leaving her children at a gas station.