Same-Sex Marriage

Supporters of the civil union bill being debated in the state House gather outside the state Capitol Thursday morning (credit: CBS)

Civil Unions Face Defining Moment In Colorado House

Supporters of civil unions for gay couples rallied across a park from the Colorado Capitol to urge lawmakers to pass legislation out of a key House committee.


Colorado State Capitol (credit: CBS)

Colorado Senate Moves To Pass Civil Union Bill

A civil union proposal advanced in the Colorado Senate on Wednesday as lawmakers tentatively approved a measure that would give gay couples legal protections similar to marriage.


Colorado Lawmakers Reviewing Same Sex Marriage

Colorado lawmakers are taking another look at same sex marriage after New York legalized it.


Lawmakers Debate Civil Unions In State Senate

A same-sex civil unions bill expected before the Colorado Senate has both sides ready for a long debate.


Lawmakers Give Initial OK To Civil Unions

A proposal to grant same-sex couples similar rights and protections as married couples is up for its first hearing at the Colorado Legislature Monday.


Colorado Lawmakers Considering Civil Unions

Wherever they go, Fran and Anna Simon carry their 3-year-old son’s birth certificate to prove to anyone that they are his parents. Jessie Ulibarri fears he won’t be by the side of his partner, Louis Trujillo, in case Trujillo is ever hospitalized.