Warnings Sent Out After Teen Rescued From Mine ShaftA teen is recovering after he fell more than 100 feet down a mine shaft near Roxborough Park.
Large Bear Hangs Out In Tree Near SchoolThe Douglas County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of Roxborough Park to avoid an area now occupied by a large black bear. 
Brown Tap Water Worries Residents, Water District Insists It's SafeResidents in the area near Roxborough Park southwest of Denver are being told their water is safe but best not to drink it or wash clothing with it.
New Development In Douglas County Will Soon Offer 800 HomesBuilders are rushing to keep up with the demand for new homes in the Denver metro area and preparation work is underway for construction of a new community in Douglas County.
Neighbors Count On Goats' Hearty Appetite To Keep Them SafeA total of 480 goats are being brought in by the truckload to the Roxborough Park neighborhood in southwest Denver to help with fire mitigation.
Dog Survives 200 Foot Fall Down Mine ShaftA family in Littleton is happy to have their family pet home safe.
HOA Takes Up Speed EnforcementThe Homeowners Association in Roxborough Park is tired of residents speeding so they’re setting up photo radar to enforce the speed limits.
Land Battle Brewing In Douglas CountyOut-of-state developers want to build a dam and reservoir around Wildcat Mountain south of Sedalia. People living nearby say the project would destroy the pristine scenery, reduce property values and put them in danger if the dam ever failed.