Double Amputee Takes First Steps With Permanent Leg ImplantA Denver man, who lost both legs in a traffic accident, is now learning to walk with a permanent leg implant. He is the second amputee to benefit from a Denver surgeon's unique design.
Army Amputee Takes First Steps On Breakthrough Permanent Leg ImplantSix weeks after getting a breakthrough permanent leg implant, an Army veteran took his first steps.
'It's Amazing': Combat Veteran Amputee Gets Permanent ProsthesisIt has been two weeks since two amputees had breakthrough surgery here in Denver. They are the first patients ever to get permanent leg implants designed by a Denver orthopedic surgeon.
Wounded Veteran & Double Amputee Get Permanent Prosthetic LegsA wounded veteran and a double amputee from a truck crash are in a Denver hospital recovering from groundbreaking surgery.
Orthopedic Surgeon To Implant Groundbreaking Permanent Prosthetic LegsA veteran who lost a leg in Iraq and a double amputee from a car accident will be the first people ever to have a breakthrough artificial leg permanently implanted.
Colorado Surgeon, Students Design Permanent Artificial LegA Denver surgeon has teamed up with college students to improve the lives of amputees. They are designing a permanent artificial leg.