Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Keona Hinkel at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (credit: Hinkel Family)

Colorado Parents Warn Others About Infant Botulism

The parents of a 5-month-old Colorado baby recovering from botulism are warning others about the fairly rare and potentially fatal disease.


Keona Hinkel at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (credit: Hinkel Family)

Colorado Family Has Warning After Baby Diagnosed ‘Infant Botulism’

A Colorado baby is recovering from a rare disease. The 5-month-old has infant botulism, which can be life threatening.


Rowan Trietley gets the brace to treat her condition adjusted at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. (credit: CBS)

Colorado Hospital Offers New Way To Treat Chest Deformity

A Colorado hospital that specializes in treatment of children is using a new way to treat a chest deformity that is less invasive.


(credit: CBS)

Flu Season In Full Swing In Colorado

The flu season is well under way in Colorado.


Von Miller with a patient at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (credit: CBS)

Von Miller Visits Patients At Rocky Mountain Hospital For Children

Broncos defenseman Von Miller proved he’s just as awesome off the field as on after he stopped by the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children on Tuesday.


Joshua Leong with Dr. Shay Bess (credit: CBS)

Adopted Boy From China Has Severe Spine Curve Corrected In Colorado

Joshua Leong was twisted and bent over with a condition that was never corrected in his homeland. CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh met the family who adopted him and the doctor who changed his life.


Sierra Jane Downing leaves Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. (credit: CBS)

Girl Infected With Bubonic Plague Out Of Hospital

A 7-year-old girl recovering from bubonic plague has been discharged from a Denver hospital.


Sierra Jane Downing (credit: CBS)

7-Year-Old Bubonic Plague Victim Recovering

A seven-year-old girl is recovering after contracting Colorado’s first case of the bubonic plague in six years.


Sierra Jane Downing (credit: CBS)

7-year-old Colorado Girl Recovers From Bubonic Plague

The parents of 7-year-old Sierra Jane Downing thought she had the flu when she felt sick days after camping in southwest Colorado.



Hospital Says Colorado Girl With Plague Is Recovering

Officials say a 7-year-old Colorado girl diagnosed with bubonic plague has been moved out of intensive care and is recovering.





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