FCC: Americans Get 2.5 Billion Robocalls A MonthThe FCC is now cracking down on the robocall blitz, instituting new rules for phone companies to use in dealing with the rise of scam calls.
FCC Vows To Stop Billions Of Robocalls From TelemarketersThe FCC has vowed to end robocalls from telemarketers, but how can they do it?
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CBS4 Viewers Complain About Late-Night Robocalls From CandidateCBS4 viewers have been complaining about receiving late-night robocalls from a Colorado candidate.
Hudak Recall Tactics Paving a Path to a Whole New LevelWhile campaigns in Colorado are usually fairly tame by national standards, with what we are seeing in the Sen. Evie Hudak recall efforts, sketchy political maneuvers may become the new normal in the Centennial State.
Unwanted Telephone Calls Tops List of Consumer ComplaintsThe Colorado Attorney General’s Office released its top 2012 consumer complaints.
Robocalls Ringing Off The Hook For Colorado VotersAs the election nears political candidates are busy making phone calls to potential voters. Well, at least their recorded messages are trying to make an impact.