NFL Reaches Agreement With RefereesThe NFL's regular officiating crews are back, and their return couldn't have come soon enough for Broncos coaches John Fox and Jack Del Rio, who were fined this week for incidents involving the replacements.
Chris Kuper Returns To The Practice Field WednesdayThe Denver Broncos got back Chris Kuper Wednesday, while many others sat out of practice. After practice, all the talk centered around the replacement referees.
Denverites Share Opinions About Replacement RefsThe NFL has a big problem with its replacement refs. Or does it? CBS4's Vic Lombardi took to the streets of Downtown Denver to get the opinions of NFL fans.
Opinion: The NFL Is Ruining Its Own Brand With Cheap Replacement RefsWant to know what a company looks like when it fires all its experienced workers and hires on cheap replacements? Watch last night’s embarrassment of a game between Green Bay and Seattle. But this is about more than just a game. This is about a trend in our national economy where trained professionals are cast aside for inferior workers.
Broncos Coaches Fox, Del Rio Fined For Berating OfficialsThe NFL fined Broncos coach John Fox $30,000 and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio $25,000 on Monday for arguing with replacement officials a week ago.
Nalen On The NFL's Replacement Refs: 'I Think They're Awesome'Former Broncos lineman Tom Nalen said he thinks the NFL's current replacement referees aren't calling lots of unnecessary penalties, and that's a great thing for fans.