Red Light Cameras

Gov. John Hickenlooper on Wednesday (credit: CBS)

Gov. Hickenlooper Hints Vetoes Brewing For Both Parties

Colorado’s governor had firm words for lawmakers from both parties Wednesday as they enter the second half of the legislative session.


(credit: CBS)

At Session Midpoint, Colorado Lawmakers Have Plenty Pending

What’s been a sleepy legislative session is about to ramp up as Colorado lawmakers head into the final two months with significant debates pending.


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Red-Light Camera Ban Passes 1st Test In Colorado

A ban on red-light cameras and speed-van enforcement passed its first test Wednesday in the Colorado Legislature.


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Red Light Camera Ban Up For Another Test In Colorado

Red-light camera enforcement is back before Colorado lawmakers Wednesday, and the question of banning them is as divisive as ever.


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Lawmakers Delay Vote On Proposed Traffic Cameras Ban

Lawmakers delayed a hearing on a bill to ban speeding and red-light cameras in Colorado.


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5 Things To Know At The Colorado Statehouse This Week

Colorado lawmakers have a packed fourth week of the 2015 legislative session.


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Red Light Cameras: Populism Versus Profit

The Denver City Council extended its Red Light Camera program, but will they face more pressure from the public if they don’t make the systems more fair and less profitable?


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Denver City Council Votes To Extend Red-Light Camera Program

Drivers can’t stand them, but because police say they improve safety at intersections and because they add significant revenue to city coffers, Denver residents may see more photo radar cameras throughout the city.


Gov. John Hickenlooper (credit: CBS)

Gov. Hickenlooper Reflects On Pros, Cons Of Legislative Session

Gov. John Hickenlooper is already talking about the possibility of a special session just one day after state lawmakers wrapped up their regular session.


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Lawmakers Reject Traffic Camera Study Bill

Colorado lawmakers rejected a measure to study speeding and red-light cameras to determine whether they should be banned.