High Court Won't Hear Appeal From Former Qwest CEOThe Supreme Court won't hear an appeal from former Qwest Communications International Inc. CEO Joseph Nacchio seeking an $18 million tax refund on money he gained from illegal stock sales.
CenturyLink Name To Be Removed From Denver SkyscraperThe name CenturyLink will soon be removed Denver's second tallest building.
CenturyLink Laid Off 150 Workers In ColoradoCenturyLink laid off more than 100 employees across Colorado as part of a company-wide expense-cutting measure.
Former Qwest CEO Nacchio Wins $18 Million Tax Refund Ruling In CourtFormer Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio won his latest battle in court on Thursday. He won an $18 million ruling as a result of his insider trading conviction that put him in prison.
Finding a Balanced Jury Can Be Tricky In High-Profile CasesQuestioning of the potential members of the James Holmes jury may be lengthy. They will have to be “death qualified,” to be able to impose the death penalty should the trial get to that point. CBS4's Alan Gionet asks the Good Question, "What’s it like to be on a jury?"
Heated Reaction To Nacchio's CBS4 InterviewReaction has been heated when former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio lashed out at those who put him in federal prison for insider trading in a rare interview.
Defiant Joe Nacchio Lashes Out Against Those Who Sent Him To PrisonFormer Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio lashed out at those who put him in federal prison for insider trading in a rare interview.
Joe Nacchio Expected To Leave Halfway HouseFormer Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio is expected to leave a halfway house Saturday after trimming his federal sentence.
Prison Time Trimmed For Former Qwest CEO NacchioFederal prison records show former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio is now projected to be released Sept. 21 after serving time for 19 counts of insider trading.
CenturyLink Workers Closer To StrikingUnionized CenturyLink workers in 13 western states are moving closer to striking.
Qwest Fraud Victims To Get $400 Each From $44M PayoutVictims of former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio's insider trading will get some money back. But it won't be much and for most it won't even be close to what they lost.
Qwest Fraud Victims Awarded $44M The Justice Department returned approximately $44 million to victims of securities fraud scheme related to Qwest Communications Int'l Inc. on Thursday.