Puffer Patrol Targets Unattended Cars Left RunningPolice in Denver have a warning for drivers who want to warm up their vehicles before heading out on their morning commute: don't leave your car unattended while running or you will get a ticket.
Proposed Bill Would Loosen Puffer LawsA proposed bill would loosed Colorado's puffer laws.
Stolen Van Recovered, But Man Would Rather Get His Dog BackPolice have recovered a man's van that had been stolen with his dog inside, and made an arrest in the case. But the dog is still missing
Man Who Had 'Puffer' Van Stolen Desperate To Get His Dog BackA man is searching for his dog that was stolen along with his van. He wanted to tell his story so that other people won't leave their cars running, or "puffing," when it's cold.
'Oh God No' Said Grandmother After Toddler Taken In Stolen 'Puffer' CarA grandmother says it couldn't have been more than 2 minutes. Her daughter's sick child was sleeping in the back seat, so she left the car running and quickly stepped inside the house. When she turned around her car was taking off down the street with a stranger behind the wheel.
Aurora Police Search For Man Who Stole 'Puffer' With Toddler InsidePolice in Aurora are investigating the theft of a car with a child inside. The car has been recovered and the child was found safe, but the suspect is still on the run.
Limo Heist Mystery: Who Stole The Pink Cadillac?A car thief is at large, and the driver of the pink Cadillac limousine she stole may face charges in the case.
Man Takes Wild Ride In Back Of His Stolen 'Puffer' PickupLakewood police are searching for a suspect after a “puffer” pickup was stolen and then crashed into a van.
Puffer Theft Victim Says Thieves 'Had No Right'Police are sending out a warning for drivers not to leave cars running unattended in the bitterly cold conditions in Colorado this week.
Stolen Puffer Car Leads Police On ChaseThe driver of a stolen puffer car led several police agencies on a chase early Thursday morning.