Takeaways from Romney’s Big SpeechMitt Romney's speech showed American voters what kind of man he is and also defined the culture clash among Baby Boomers.
The Price of Political RalliesHowever, when you realize that the Romney campaign has not been billed for local security before, you can understand that this relatively small bill for security services may set an important precedent for Colorado Presidential rallies.
Santorum Helps Keep Colorado In Play In GOP RaceColorado’s Republican caucus will occur on February 7th. While Colorado shares that date with Minnesota, and six other states will precede Colorado’s vote, Rick Santorum’s finish in Iowa may help to ensure that the race isn’t over by the time it rolls to Colorado.
Trump Polling Not A Good Sign For The GOPBut the circus act known as Donald Trump and his supposed interest in running for President, and more importantly, the support he received in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, is a sign that the GOP has much bigger problems if they wish to make Barack Obama a one term president.