The pothole on I-70 (credit: CBS)

Simplicity The Key To Asking To Spend TABOR Funds

While it might be a challenge, if state lawmakers can arrive at a simple and basic idea, they might have a shot at keeping the TABOR funds set to be refunded.


(credit: CBS)

Thousands More Potholes Filled As Denver’s Freeze-Thaw Cycle Continues

Crew raced along the Front Range on Tuesday to patch damaging and dangerous potholes that materialized during recent freeze-and-thaw cycles.


(credit: CBS)

Multiple Potholes Cause Damage To Couple Dozen Vehicles In Boulder

A number of potholes cause a massive problem on Highway 36 near Boulder on Monday.


Pothole repair (credit: CBS)

Emergency Pothole Repair Triggered By Days Of Heavy Rain

Emergency pothole repair is underway across the Denver metro area after days of heavy rain damaged roadways.


A City of Loveland crew fills a pothole (credit: CBS)

Loveland Spends Double This Spring To Fix Potholes

Potholes are a big problem for drivers and street repair crews in Loveland this spring, even bigger than previous years.


Crews from Denver Public Works repair potholes Thursday (credit: CBS)

Paying For Potholes: Problem Grows Earlier, More Costly This Spring

Colorado is in the middle of a pothole epidemic nearly two months ahead of schedule. The thousands of holes on the road are getting worse by the hour.


Crews from Denver Public Works repair potholes Thursday (credit: CBS)

Potholes Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

The latest round of freezing and thawing will mean even more potholes in the Denver metro area for a while until the snow stops falling and temperatures even out.


Crews from Denver Public Works repair potholes Thursday (credit: CBS)

Report Potholes To Get Them Fixed

Report potholes in the Denver metro area to get them fixed.


Crews with Denver Public Works repair a pothole. (credit: CBS)

Denver Crews Fill 100,000+ Potholes Each Year, Drivers Urged To Avoid Damage

Crews with Denver Public Works fill about 100,000 potholes every year. Once again it is pothole season and drivers are urged to report the problems they see.


(credit: CBS)

Drivers Encouraged To Report Potholes To Get Them Filled

You might be on your way to the grocery store or to work, but if you hit a pothole, it can cost you. If you see one, there’s a way to get it fixed.




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